Mission & Goals


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The NTBLCP vision and mission and NSP goal, objectives and strategic interventions 

This NSP-TB is set within the overall framework of the NTBLCP‘s vision and mission for TB control in Nigeria, presented below. This NSP describes in detail the steps that the NTBLCP and all of its partners must take within the next six years to address urgent challenges in TB control and to move Nigeria closer to the ultimate aim of the programme, namely a Nigeria free of TB. 

It is the explicit intention of the NTBLCP to reach or exceed global targets for TB control as quickly and expediently as possible, recognizing that some targets are achievable within the scope of this six-year plan, while others will require longer-term efforts to bring Nigeria up to international standards. 

Vision of the NTBLCP’s TB efforts: A Nigeria free of TB. 

Mission of the NTBLCP for TB: Save Nigerian lives, reach zero TB deaths and reduce the burden and impact of TB, drug-resistant TB and TB/HIV on Nigeria. 

Goal of the NTBLCP: By 2025, to achieve a 50% reduction in TB prevalence rate and 75% reduction in TB mortality (excludes HIV-related TB) rate in Nigeria compared to 2013 figures. 

Goal of the NSP-TB, 2015 – 2020: To ensure universal access to high-quality, patient-centred TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment services for Nigerians with all forms of TB, regardless of geographic location, income, gender, age, religion, tribe or other affiliation.