DOTS Expansion and Enhancement activities

DOTS expansion and enhancement remain one of the important strategies of the NTBLCP to ensure progress towards the achievement of a universal access to TB services in Nigeria. The strategic DOTS expansion plan which was developed in 2013 to guide the expansion and enhancement of DOTS services in Nigeria was implemented and with support from the Federal Government of Nigeria, GFATM and WHO (through USAID funding), a total of 339 new DOTS centres and 163 new Microscopy centres were established in 2014 putting the total DOTS and microscopic coverage as at December 2014 at 5,728 DOTS and 1,765 microscopy sites respectively. 

As part of the ingredients needed for the DOTS and Microscopy expansion in 2014 and in order to ensure that quality TB services are provided at all times to patients, the NTBLCP in 2014 built the capacity of 219 Medical Doctors and 1,283 GHCWs through various types and levels of standardized training with the technical efforts of the NTBLCP, WHO and ILEP partners. Financial support was from the government and hugely from the Global fund, USAID through WHO and other partners. While the majority of these health workers were from new DOTS facilities (not previously providing DOTS services), health workers from previously established DOTS facilities were also trained to ensure continued service provision at these sites. 

Apart from the numerous DOTS facility established in the private health facilities through GF supports in 2014, the NTBLCP through the support of USAID/WHO was able to establish DOTS services in 120 Private health facilities in 10 states of the federation namely, Lagos, Imo, Anambra, Benue, Nasarawa, Katsina, Rivers, Adamawa, Bauchi and Kaduna. In each of these states, one Medical Doctor and one nurse were trained on quality DOTS implementation. A total of 240 personnel were trained.