Progress towards achievement of Global TB Targets

A total of 91,354 of all forms of TB cases were registered in 2014. Of these number, 84,049 (92%) were new TB cases while the remaining 7,305 (8%) were retreatment TB cases. Access to HCT services among TB patients has continued to improve above 90%. Similarly, a total of 399,062 presumptive TB cases were identified and examined for diagnosis in 2014. 23% (91,090) of the total presumptive TB cases identified in 2014 were referred by the community volunteer while 65% (59,065) of the total TB cases registered and started on treatment in 2014 received adherence support from treatment supporter throughout their treatment period. 

Furthermore, out of the 84,161 (96%) of the TB patients offered HCT in 2014, 16,066 (19%) were HIV infected (co-infection rate of 19% among all forms of TB cases tested for HIV), of these patients, 14,569 (91%) and 11,997 (75%) were placed on Co-trimoxazole and Anti-retroviral therapy respectively. Despite the effort put at ensuring that IPT uptake among children screened for TB is increased, the proportion of under six children placed on IPT among those screened for TB who came in contact with smear positive TB cases was 3,811 (46%).