TB/HIV collaborative activities

The NTBLCP in collaboration with HIV AIDS Division (HAD), National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Civil society Organizations (CSOs) and partners currently provide policy guidance and support for the implementation of TB/HIV collaborative activities in the country through an established National TB/HIV Technical working group (TB/HIV-TWG). Through this coordinating body, significant progress has been made in the area of implementation of key TB/HIV collaborative activities. 

This TWG function at different levels namely the National, state and facilities. Through this coordinating bodies significant progress has been made in the areas of key TBHIV collaborative activities which includes resource mobilization through the Global Fund interim funding and PEPFAR funding, improved 2014 NTBLCP Annual Report 

coordination in the expansion of HIV and TB services, and the development of guidelines and Operational manual to strengthen the operational structure and improve TB and HIV service delivery at all levels. 

In order to ensure access to treatment for all patients, the NTBLCP through its funding partners procured Rifabutin for 200 PLHIVs. Currently, 48 PLHIVs on second line ARVs who developed TB were offered Rifabutin based anti-TB regimen. The NTBLCP, HAD and NACA has continue to intensify its efforts in ensuring increased access to TB prevention among PLHIVs through increasing the uptake of IPT among PLHIV.